Award-Winning Male Fitness Model Shaka Smith Shares the
Secret On How To Get 6-Pack Abs In Just 6 Minutes A Day!


NOTE: This is not a get-fit-quick-without-trying scheme, but a seriously intense but effective technique you can apply tonight!


Why The Experts' Do or Die Fitness Tips is NOT WHAT YOU NEED to Succeed In Achieving Your Fitness Goals


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Dear Gym Goer, Fitness Enthusiast or Frustrated Health Seeker:

Are you wondering why the hyper-difficult, massively complex and unbelievably time-consuming techniques you've been told on how to gain shiny, shimmering six-pack abs doesn't work?

There are tons of information floating around on how to get the six-pack abs you deserve, but do they really work? Reviewing all the available information out there, here are some reasons why all these guides, videos, books and e-books never worked for you:


  1. They're the Same Old S**** (Story)
  2. Too Complicated!
  3. More Hype Than Substance
  4. No Consistent Follow-Up or Motivation



More than complexity or amount of time you spend working out, it's consistency and the intensity of the workout that counts! Not any workout will fit the need to put maximum effort in every exercise you execute in order to get the best results…and you have to do it regularly!

That's the reason why although some people spend hours and hours on the gym, they don't see any results.


If there's one fitness model who walks the talk, its Shaka. He's not only gives you practical advice, but he encourages you along the way! – Ryan Van Dyke

As an actor I have to remain in shape but between filming and auditions there is so little time – 6 minute 6 pack is the perfect solution! – Talon Reid



Do you really think it's possible for a normal person to only spend
6 minutes to get the six-pack abs they truly desire?


Again, like in everything in life you get what you put in – but when it comes to working out – it’s how intense and focused you are at your workout that makes all the difference. Those 6 intense and highly focused minutes could be more effective than half-an-hour or more. What 6minute6pack Abs Workout will do for you is put you on a mindset that will make you want to do more plus we couple it with a the 6minute6pack Cardio Workout and 6minute6pack Nutrition Guide that will just cover all bases as you progress to your fitness transformation journey.


What do you actually get from this program?

When you join 6minute6pack Abs Workout today, you get a complete program that will guide you for the next 6 weeks on how to get in the best shape of your life!





The Genuine 6minute6pack Abs Workout
This 36 page e-book reveals the step-by-step approach on how to get a 6-pack in 6-minutes. Every workout can be done in 6 minutes and Shaka explains in step-by-step detail how to get the workout done. It’s a no-hype, no-fluff approach to getting fit. Scores of pictures are included in the workout for you to follow so you know exactly what you’re doing. Included in this Workout also is a sheet that will help you track your progress, for you to monitor the change happening in your body as you implement the program.




6minute6pack Cardio Workout
Together with the 6minute6pack Abs Workout, we include the Cardio Workout which will step up the pace in burning the fat you need to get your 6-pack fast! This optional workout is recommended to be performed before the 6 minute 6 pack workout with a 5 minute rest period following.  Each exercise is to be performed for one minute with one-minute rest in between.





6minute6pack Nutrition Guide

Your diet is the largest factor in changing your body. Follow this nutrition guide and you will be set-up for success.  You’ll follow this in conjunction with your workout to have the lean, toned abs you’ve always wanted. Choose from the various options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3 of your daily meals and between 2-4 snacks depending on your level of hunger and physical activity throughout the day.



So what are you waiting for?

Order the 6minute6pack Abs Workout Program today and receive all the benefits of a top-notch workout program, full email support and a simply yet effective fitness program that’s guaranteed to take your workout and fitness journey to the next level!





Shaka Smith


DISCLAIMER: Testimonials do not reflect user experience with the 6minute6pack program, but rather each individual’s genuine experience training with Shaka Smith, employing the principles that make up the basis for the 6minute6pack program. No financial benefit or any other was received in exchange for the above testimonials.